Character Spotlight: Joyce Watson

A great big HOWDY to Y’all from your host, Ruby Mae!

Today I’d like to introduce you to the heroine of my recently released novel, Seeking Refuge! Meet Joyce Watson!

Joyce Watson lost her family a young age. After leaving the foster care system she went to college, majoring in computer science and later took a job as a secretary for the mayor of Bangor, Maine. She made a best friend who lived in the apartment next to her own and she had a job she enjoyed. What could go wrong?

But a tragedy strikes through her safe abode and threatens her faith in a caring God. Followed closely by discovering discriminating evidence against her boss, Joyce knows she has to run.

Joyce finds herself in the small town of Cascade Valley, TN. Regardless of the nosey sheriff, she finds refuge at the guest ranch. But what if Sheriff Isaac Sawyer is conspiring against her? Was he even now plotting a way to hand her over to her enemy? Or could she trust him and the God he seemed to consider worthy of all her trust?

Find out in Seeking RefugeAvailable Now!


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