A Love Worth Waiting For

Welcome to A Love Worth Waiting For!

I’m so glad you’ve joined me on this amazing journey to discovering God’s will for purity in our daily lives. I pray God will bless you for your time and that you too will step up and make this awesome commitment—the vow of purity.

I’d like to start things off by sharing my testimony with you, if I may. My name is Ruby Mae. I’m the eldest of eight children in my family and I have a wonderful dad and momma. I was raised up in church and when I was twelve I said the “sinner’s prayer”. I walked down to the altar and said I wanted to get saved. The preacher’s wife led me to a separate room and showed me the Roman’s Road to Salvation. Afterward, she asked me if I understood that and wanted to get saved. I said “yes”, then she said, “Then bow your head and repeat after me”. I repeated every word and I felt okay few a few years. I mean, I felt a little different, but nothing drastic.

At about fourteen, I started having awful nightmares and I just didn’t have any peace. I knew in my heart that I never really got saved when I was twelve. But Satan kept planting doubts in my mind, telling me that I did.

Desperate to get rid of the dreams, I read through several Gospel tracts and quoted the “prayer” on the back. The dreams ceased for a short time and I thought in my mind maybe I got it right this time. But in my heart I knew the truth; I was just going through the motions and nothing more.

Very soon thereafter, the nightmares returned, worse than before. Any peace I’d ever known was quickly vanishing from my memory. When I was sixteen, I went forward at a church service and once again I was led through the Roman’s Road and repeated the “sinner’s prayer”. But, just like before, I was just going through the motions, never truly meaning it from the heart.

My nightmares worsened to the point I could hardly get any sleep at night. Vivid images of being cast out from God’s presence and into a burning hell and also of me going through tribulation without my family haunted many of my dreams. I remember getting up at various hours of the night and sneaking into my parents’ and siblings’ bedrooms to assure myself that I wasn’t “left behind”. The fear that I would die and go to hell or be left behind and still go to hell was terrifying and peace was a distant memory nearly forgotten.

When I was eighteen, six months before my nineteenth birthday, I attended a youth Sunday at our church. I taught a Sunday school class about the Armour of God and sung in the choir with many other youths. Then, it was time for the sermon. A visiting youth pastor would be giving the message that day. His sermon was titled “Where are the Nine?” and it was about the ten lepers whom Jesus healed, only one of which, returned to thank Him.

Now I’ve heard that story told plenty of times before and I can’t tell you what was so special about hearing it that day, but there was something different and much more powerful in the way that pastor told it. “Where are the nine?” he asked over and over again throughout the service. My heart broke more and more every time he asked. I knew I was one of them.

When the pastor gave the invitation, I found myself at the altar. I’m not sure how I got there, but I was there and I knew what I had to do. Just like that one leper who came back to Jesus that day, I fell down at the altar. There was nothing special about the place, but I felt like I was kneeling at the very feet of Christ. Jesus was waiting for me, right there, at that alter, that night. My heart and spirit broke and I poured my whole heart and soul out before Christ. I told Him how deeply sorry I was for running from Him all those years. I told Him how ashamed I was for allowing my foolish pride to get in the way of accepting His free gift of Salvation.

Then, after I admitted that I was just a filthy, useless sinner and confessed all my sins to Him, I told Him I believed He’s the Son of God, that He came to earth, died on that cross, and rose the third day in order to offer Salvation as a free gift to us. With my whole heart, I believed in Jesus. I told Him, “I don’t deserve Your mercy and forgiveness, Lord. But I’m asking for another chance to accept Your free gift. Please, come into my heart and save me”.

And just like that, He did! Oh, the peace that washed over me was overwhelming! I couldn’t contain my tears of joy. I felt totally new, changed, I felt clean and pure. I almost couldn’t believe it. Jesus had adopted me—me—into His family! I was His forevermore; nothing could separate me from His love. My soul was on fire, ignited by the Holy Spirit of God, and I couldn’t wait to see what God had in store for my life.

About a week later, God called me into this ministry, A Love Worth Waiting For. A study about God’s will for purity in our lives. Purity is very, very important. I firmly believe God has a special person created for each and every one of us and it is our responsibility to be patient and wait for God to show us who they are. We shouldn’t give ourselves to just anybody or even to the first person who shows interest. But rather, we should wait for God to reveal that very special person He’s created especially for us.

As for myself, I’ve made the commitment to purity. I’m even saving my first kiss for my wedding day. After I walk the aisle in my pure white gown, I’ll join my groom at the altar, then, when the pastor says, “You may now kiss your bride” I’ll share my first kiss with my husband. I can’t think of a more perfect way to start my married life.

But, as you’ll find out through future posts on this page, purity is much more than just staying sexually pure until you’re married. The call for purity is extremely high but well worth the effort and commitment. My prayer is that you will answer the call and join me in this rewarding commitment.

–Ruby Mae