About Ruby Mae O’Dell

Howdy Y’all!

Well, I’m just a small town girl, who loves God and my family. I reside in one of Georgia’s small historic towns with my family. I’m the eldest of eight children in my family and considers it a great blessing to be a part of such a large and Godly family. I was homeschooled all my life, which I also consider to be a huge blessing. Since receiving my GED, I now enjoy teaching my siblings.

I found the Ultimate Treasure, God’s gift of Salvation, when I was eighteen. Since then, I’ve been called to share the knowledge of God through the ministry of singing, teaching, and now writing.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been a bookworm. You can rarely find me without a book in my possession. I first toyed with the idea of writing a novel in 2014 while living in Tennessee. But after writing the first few pages I laid it aside. My desire to write a novel came back full force in the early fall of 2016. It was then that I started to write my debut novel, Hidden Treasures(set to release fall 2017). When I’m not writing I can usually be found spending time with my family or reading.

I was also led of the Spirit to teach other young people about the importance of purity and to encourage them to follow God’s will in saving themselves for marriage. A vow I’ve made myself as I continue to wait for God to send me the man He’s created especially for me.

Yep, you read correctly. I write romance novels and I’ve never been kissed or even been on a date. The stand for purity is a strong one, but one I’m committed to. I’ve decided to save my first kiss for my wedding day. What a way to start my HEA! Until then, I’m satisfied with my single life. I love reading romance novels and I love writing them. Yeah, you might think I’m crazy writing about something I have no experience in, but I’m doing what God has called me to do. Besides, true romance comes from God and the heart. I write whatever God lays on my heart.

P.S. In case you’re wondering, I don’t really consider myself a plotter, though a do set up a basic story line. But I don’t really consider myself a pantser either, though for the majority, I don’t have a plot to go by. I like to consider myself a Spirit-Pantser, I write what the Holy Spirit tells me to write and most of the time the story comes as a surprise to me and goes way off track of what I originally had it mind. But that’s what makes writing those God-given stories so much FUN!



  • I was saved at age 18, January of 2012.
  • I’m the eldest child of eight in my family.
  • I have 4 awesome sisters, 3 crazy brothers, and 2 amazing parents.
  • I love to sing and yodel.
  • I love to travel and see new places.
  • I was bitten by a Copperhead in the summer of 2016.
  • I love to draw, paint, and create new things.
  • I love to cook. (Especially, my white Reese cookies! Yum!)
  • My favorite colors are turquoise and chocolate.
  • My favorite pastime is reading and writing.
  • I love all things western.
  • I’m a dog lover.
  • I love stargazing.
  • I’m terrified of extreme heights(Especially,  of ladders), snakes, and spiders.
  • I love going on road trips.
  • I love rollercoasters (ever since conquering my fear of rides that go upside down at DollyWood in 2013)

25 thoughts on “About Ruby Mae O’Dell

  1. You sound like quite the interesting person! Nice to meet you! I’m John. I was doing my random blog reading and came across yours. Very interesting stuff!

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      1. I do. But I’m particular about it… I enjoy reading people’s blogs because there’s some seriously interesting people in here. And I think that’s what gets my attention more than anything, what I’m reading is real life. There are only 2 books I’ve ever enjoyed reading, the Bible and To Kill A Mockingbird..

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      2. The KJV is the only version I care for.. some don’t like the Thee’s and Thus’s but if we ask the Lord for His wisdom, knowledge and understanding it makes perfect sense.

        To Kill A Mockingbird was the very first fictional book I ever picked up and couldn’t put down. I had an attention span of a few seconds those days (and even still kinda) but I really enjoyed reading it for some reason… the movie does it no justice.

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      3. I enjoy history and historical related books mostly. I enjoy trying to fit the pieces together and learn where we came from and how things came to be as they are. The Lord has greatly blessed me in this area.

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