Hidden Treasures



Please enjoy this sneak peek into my debut novel and the first installment of my Faith in the Valley series:




Something’s not right.
The back door to the Treasure Shoppe was
standing slightly ajar. The eerie chill that wrapped
around her body, had Shayla Lornette rubbing her arms.
David, her assistant manager, closed her store last night,
and he would never forget to lock up. In fact, he was
always careful to check each and every lock in the shop,
including the ones on the display cases. She looked
around the gravel lot behind her, seeing only her own
blue minivan.
If someone had broken in, they were long gone by
now. Still, she’d better call Sheriff Isaac to report a possible
break-in. Fishing her cellphone from her pocket,
she dialed the sheriff’s number.
“Sheriff Sawyer speaking.” Isaac Sawyer’s low
voice came on the line after a short pause.
“Hey, Sheriff. It’s Shayla. I want to report a possible
break-in at my shop.”
“Any damage done or anything stolen?”
“I haven’t been inside yet. Hold on; I’ll check for you.”
“No, I’m on my way. Stay outside until I get there.
I’m only ten minutes away,” Isaac replied before she
touched the door.
“Okay, see you then, Sheriff.”
Flipping her phone shut, she returned it to her
pocket and leaned against the cool brick wall of her
shop. It had to be a bunch of bored teenagers, that’s all.
She attempted to focus on something else, anything
to take her mind off the break-in until the sheriff
arrived. The birds were chirping, filling the air with
beautiful melodies. Two frisky squirrels were fighting
over acorns by the giant oak at the back of the gravel
lot. She even tried to enjoy the feel of the cool, mountainous
breeze blowing gently on her face and through
her long, wavy, dark-brown hair.
Suddenly, the sound of shattering glass penetrated
the air. She jumped with a start. Her heart hammered
in her chest. The crash came from inside her shop. The
culprit was still inside! She reached impetuously for
the doorknob. Stay outside until I get there… the sheriff’s
words gave her pause. Isaac said to stay outside
until he arrived, but she thought she’d be of more help
if she could catch a glimpse of the culprit. Determined
to do just that, she slipped cautiously into the store. She
made her way through the back room, which was filled with
knick-knacks, antiques and a myriad of boxes. She
went from one pile to the next, ducking behind them as
she made her way to the door that led to the showroom.
Finally, she reached the door. With trembling hands,
she grasped the handle. Slowly she began to turn it. A
shuffling sound from behind her halted her progress.
She turned around slowly and silently to investigate
the sound.
Something crashed painfully into the back of her
head. Stars flashed in her vision. Dizziness brought
her down hard, collapsing onto the cold cement floor.
She caught a blurry glimpse of feet running away, but
only for a moment. Then everything faded away into
total darkness.

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